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Adapt and Repower with KwikPro


Save money and give failed motorised products a new lease of life. Fit KwikPro KwikParts adaptors and slide on KwikPro motor handles to repower and reuse them. We've adapted and repowered the electric carving knife with KwikPro shown in the images above.

When a power tool or handheld appliance fails there's often no need to throw it out with the trash. Instead, many items can be adapted and repowered with a KwikPro motor handle and reused.

Bring safety and convenience to your corded handheld power tools and appliances. Eliminate the hazards and inconvenience associated with cables. Convert cable powered machines to safe, convenient, cordless power with KwikPro.

Adapt and Repower with KwikPro - The possibilities are endless

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