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KwikPro for Engineering



The KwikPro system provides the ideal building blocks for engineering prototypes with a range of fully engineered motor handles and development KwikParts kits to suit a whole host of applications from light duty low power to heavy duty high power and everything between.

KwikPro also offers a highly cost-effective handheld motor-power solution for low volume production enabling projects that otherwise could not be justified on cost grounds to reach the market place.

The costly design, development and testing of the motor drive, unique connection coupling, variable speed motor control and the lithium battery together with the expensive tooling has all been engineered.

Select the KwikPro motor handle with the power needed. Sign-up to our licence, integrate the unique, patented KwikPro SlideDriveTM connection system into what you want to power, slide on the KwikPro motor handle and power your product quickly and effectively.

KwikPro motor handles supply the power and torque necessary to drive handheld tools, implements and machines; both mobile and fixed. KwikPro+ motor handles also offer additional engineering flexibility: Where greater power is required a number of KwikPro+ motor handles can be used together controlled by one master KwikPro+ motor handle. The KwikPro+ multi-handle power system can be arranged as both an integrated system and also as an add-on for when greater power is only occasionally required.



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Engineer it with KwikPro - The possibilities are endless

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