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KP - B-R Large Case w Tools 1.0M - 27-10-2020.jpg
KP-BR End Drilling Masonry - 17-11-2021.jpg
KP Pic Pixel-284-B-R KwikBelt Mod XL - 17-02-2018 - 01-10-2020.jpg
KP - BR - Handle-Heads-Batteries-Split-Range-Circle - 1.1 - 16-12-2021.jpg
KP-BR Screwdriving Masonry - 17-11-2021.jpg

For Installers

KwiBelt Black-Red  - w Shorts - 25-06-2020.png
KP Pic Pixel-073-BR-W-no-mins - 5-02-2018 - 02-07-2018.jpg
KP KS B-R Nikon Pic 105-1-0494 - Comparing Cases Weights 1 W - 25-11-2017.jpg


KwikPro for Installers

KwikPro is the ideal power tool system for speeding up installs and making jobs easier for installers. All the KwikPro power tools needed for a multitude of jobs can be carried easily in one case. And for jobs where KwikPro power tools need to be carried hands-free there's KwikBelt.

KwikBelt makes it easy to carry KwikPro motor handles, a selection of KwikPro tool attachments and batteries hands-free so you can have KwikPro power tools conveniently to hand when and where you need them, extremely useful when working at heights.

KwikPro and KwikBelt will save time for installers of all kinds of things including: solar, kitchens, heating, aircon, flatpack furniture, electrical, plumbing, windows and much more. You name it, having a set of KwikPro tools easily to hand will make work easier and get jobs done quicker saving valuable install time.    



Install it faster with KwikPro

Keep up to date with KwikPro on Twitter and Facebook @kwikprotools

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