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Patented Technology



KP Head-Handle-Battery Split - Black-Red - S2 - 31-05-2019.PNG

The KwikPro system is made up of three parts:

1. A cordless KwikPro handle with a variable speed motor inside and a SlideDriveTM drive connector at the top and a battery connector at the bottom.

2. A tool attachment or a machine or whatever you want to power which incorporates a KwikPro SlideDriveTM driven connector.

3. A conventional swappable battery. 


PTS KP KS Blach-Red - Head On-Off Short 01.0 LD - 25-06-2020.gif

How KwikPro SlideDriveTM works:

A KwikPro tool attachment, adapted tool or machine slides onto the KwikPro motor handle and automatically locks on making a strong and precise connection.

Drive automatically engages and KwikPro becomes a complete high-performance power tool or powers your machine etc.

PTS KP Attachments Black-Red - On-Off 0.75LD - 30-05-2019 - 07-12-2021.gif

KwikPro handles use unique SlideDrive connection technology to swap quickly and easily from one tool or machine to another

When you need KwikPro to power a different power tool or machine or something else just press the button to disengage drive and release the tool attachment, then simply slide and swap on a different tool attachment or machine or something else incorporating or adapted and fitted with a KwikPro SlideDriveTM driven connector.

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