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Repower and Reuse with KwikPro


Save money and resources with KwikPro. Repower and bring new life to existing, tired, worn out or obsolete power tools, implements, machines, and other consumer and professional products


KwikPro motor handles are equipped with long-lasting brushless motors, removable lithium batteries, reliable speed controls and unique quick-connect drive systems. Each KwikPro motor handle can be swapped easily between products to power numerous different things.

With KwikPro there’s no need to throw out many products if they fail.

Repowering and reusing products with KwikPro motor handles will help to relieve the pressures on over-burdened landfill sites from failed electrical items and reduce the continued plundering of resources and the impact on the environment involved in the making and short-term use of throw-away products.


Repower and Reuse with KwikPro - The list of possibilities is endless

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KP Black-Red - Repower Powerfile 2 M - 13-07-2020.jpg
KP Black-Red - Old Powerfile 2 - 30-06-2020.jpg
KP Black-Red - Powerfile 2 - 25-06-2020.png

KwikPro can help to cut the unnecessary landfill waste caused by throwing out otherwise perfectly good motorised products which just have one or two worn out parts.

When things fail, it’s often the built-in power supply, motor or control systems that wear out first.


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