Adapt and Power

Adapt and Power

Adapt your own stuff with KwikPro adaptor kits or use purpose designed KwikPro tools or ready-adapted machines. Hack either to create and motorise your own tools and machines. 

Design and make your own things to use with KwikPro. A  range of KwikPro adaptor kits include connectors, shafts, bearings, gears, gearboxes, plastic, metal and card board materials, everything you need to get started Use sheet materials and filler and/or 3D printing to make parts for your ideas. .

Adapt and Power with KwikPro - The list of possibilities is endless



KwikPro is a patented motor handle with a motor, a control trigger and a drive shaft housed in a handle with a sliding drive connector at one end and a removable battery at the other.   


The drive connector quickly connects KwikPro to a corresponding driven connector which can be fitted onto all kinds of different tools, machines and implements using KwikPro adaptor kits or integrated into products including the KwikPro range of tool heads.

KwikPro can provide portable, transferable motor power to both portable and fixed equipment.

KwikPro can be the equivalent of a helping hand and arm to assist with tasks that normally involve manual winding, cranking and levering.

And the great thing is that you only need one KwikPro motor handle to provide easy to control cordless power to operate any number of different things, a bit like having a key, and if you have more than one/a few KwikPro/s it will make it/life even easier.  With more than one KwikPro you can run more that one motorised thing at one time making life that little bit easier stil.


KwikPro can be like a helping hand

KwikPro can motorise and power many things normally powered by a human giving you a helping hand so you can relax, get things done faster and use less of your own valuable energy.

KwikPro gives you the tools to power countless products and we've put up some open source designs on our web site to give you some ideas. We want to build a massive database of open source designs that can be powered/driven by KwikPro motor handles which is/will be open to anyone to use as a resource to build almost anything that might be needed or useful.


So what will you power with your KwikPro? Let us know by submitting your plans to our database and if we like it and think it can be viable maybe we can collaborate one day to consider ways to put your design into production.

Share how you've powered with KwikPro on our open source database to help others benefit from powering it with KwikPro. If we like what you've done and can see a viable proposition we may want to collaborate with you to put it into production.  

Examples of what KwikPro can power include things that are normally hand cranked or operated manually with a lever such as lifting equipment including: disabled assist hoists and lifts, hydraulic and screw car jacks, winches; kitchen equipment including blenders, mixers and processors; tools including drills, drivers, grinders, saws, multi tools, and more. And of course KwikPro can power many things that need rotary inputs including: boats, yes even boats, KwikPro can power a trolling propeller drive for small boats and tenders; you name it and with a little ingenuity there is probably a way KwikPro can help to power it for you. 

SlideDriveTM technology

With exclusive, patented SlideDriveTM technology a whole range of interchangeable KwikPro tool heads can slide and swap onto the KwikPro motor handle. 

How KwikPro SlideDriveTM works

Each KwikPro tool head slides precisely and securely onto the ultra-tough motor handle and automatically locks on.


Drive automatically engages and KwikPro becomes a complete regular power tool.

When you need KwikPro to be a different power tool just press to disengage drive and release the tool head, then simply slide and swap-on a different tool head!

Two-way fitting

Super-versatile hammer and rotary drills feature unique two-way fitting heads, two gears and twist-lock chucks.

When you need to drill awkward to reach holes in tight spaces just swap the heads round from pistol-grip to end-on and keep on drilling!

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