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Power Tool


KP Black-Red - Repower Powerfile 2 S - 13-07-2020.jpg
KP Black-Red - Compressor 2 - 25-06-2020


KwikPro has countless uses

KP Black-Red - Blender-w-Handle - 25-06-2020.jpg

A few KwikPro motor handles can power or repower all kinds of new and old things

You can use KwikPro motor handles to power almost anything from specialist professional tools and machines to DIY creations, hacks and much more, even boats! The possibilities are endless.

KwikPro motor handles can power or repower all kinds of things including:

  • drills, drivers, grinders, saws and other power tools

  • hedge trimmers, pruners and other garden tools

  • food blenders, choppers, mixers and other kitchen appliances

  • winches, hoists and even automotive jacks

  • things engineers design, makers make and creators create

  • those things you've always thought would be so much more useful and easier to use if they were powered.

  • Now they can be with KwikPro motor handles and KwikParts.

  • There's no end to the list of things KwikPro moptor handles can power

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