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KwikPro for DIY


DIY is quick and easy with KwikPro. All the KwikPro power tools you need for most jobs can fit in one easy-to-carry and store case. A KwikPro set is easy to keep handy for all your DIY maintenance and repair work. The budget friendly KwikPro Lite motor handle has been designed for DIY and more occasional duties.

KwikPro is highly cost-effective. One KwikPro motor handle can power a range of KwikPro tool attachments so you don't need to buy a different power tool each time you work on a different DIY project. And you can use the KwikPro motor handle together with a KwikParts kit to adapt, power and repower all sorts of other things too.

KwikPro is ideal for general DIY work including drilling holes in wood, metal, plastic and many other materials, driving screws and other fasteners, grinding and cutting metals, masonry and plastics, fine and fast sheet cutting, sawing thicker timber sections, chisel cutting, finish sanding and much more so you can do DIY faster with KwikPro.

Do it quicker with KwikPro 



KwikPro is on Twitter and Facebook @kwikprotools

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