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How can trades people stop power tools being stolen from their vans?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Nick Knowles of BBC DIYSOS fame has supported a campaign to get something done about thieves stealing tools and equipment from trades people's vans, and sometimes their vans as well.

What can trades people themselves do to help stop this happening?

Invariably the thieves' main attraction is the contents of the van, quite often more than the van itself. This may include tools and equipment; electrical cables and fittings, copper tubing and brass fittings, timber, sheet and fixings, and much more. Some of the most valuable and easily removable items are the multiple power tools that most trades people need to have to get their jobs done. For many these can include a full complement of drills, impact drivers, angle grinders, saws, multi tools and more. Many regular professional power tools are stored in substantial cases and, as a collection, can add up to a considerable weight to have to move around. Carrying loads of regular power tools to and from the jobsite during work time, or into homes for storage when not being used, can be impractical and a great waste of time and energy.

One solution, adopted by many trades people, is to fit a locking tool trunk inside the van. This makes it more difficult for a thief to get at the power tools. However, it also makes it more difficult for the trades person to get to their tools when they need them. And if the thieves have cut their way into the van then cutting into a trunk may not be that great a deterrent anyway, even if it does take longer to get to the power tools. And for the trades person, unlocking removing and locking up the trunk is one more time-consuming hassle they don't need. So is there any better alternative?

Perhaps another way to look at the problem should be to consider whether it might be better to concentrate on making it easier for trades people to remove all the power tools from the unattended van so that they can't be stolen in the first place. But how?

One way would be to engineer a full set of professional-grade power tools that can be easily carried in just one case. That way, whenever the van is left unattended some of its most valuable contents can be easily removed to a safe place.

Someone should invent a one case professional-grade power tools solution... Perhaps they have... Perhaps KwikPro is that very solution.

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