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KwikPro motor handles offer cost-effective handheld motor power solutions perfect for powering and enabling low volume specialist products to reach the market.

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Power it with KwikPro


KwikPro offers a unique proposition to producers of specialist and low volume products:

Use KwikPro to handle powering of your product while you concentrate on the rest of your specialist tool, machine, appliance, etc you plan to produce and sell.

KwikPro can provide:

  • A cordless handle unit ready to mechanically drive your product.

  • Slide-on high-performance brushless electric motor power.

  • Smooth, trigger controlled variable speed, forward/reverse, motor braking and swappable battery/ies.

  • A choice of three versions of KwikPro handle to suit different budgetary and usage requirements.

  • A straightforward licensing arrangement for integrating the SlideDriveTM system into your product.

  • White label supply for high volumes may be possible.

KwikPro eliminates:

  • The need to expend expensive time and resources on developing a reliable, durable and effective motor drive.

  • The need to make a motor drive compliant with the necessary certification standards and test requirements - KwikPro complies.

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