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KwikPro Automotive


KwikPro motor handles, tool attachments and KwikParts adaptor kits are ideal for automotive emergencies, maintenance and repairs, including forming: wrenches, drills, a grinder, a power riveter, saws, a multitool and converting other tools and machines, including jacks, to KwikPro power.

You can carry a whole set of KwikPro power tools in one case and easily store them in your vehicle. KwikPrio is ideal for working on your car for maintenance and for when you need a range of different power tools to sort out  issues such breakdowns and emergencies. 

KwikPro is the ideal tool for automotive offering instant accessibility to the tools you need for working on vehicles and their parts. And with KwikBelt it's easy to carry the KwikPro power tools you need for multiple jobs including when working on tall vehicles where you need a range of easy to hand tools.


KwikPro Automotive - The power to drive


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KwikPro is on Twitter and Facebook @kwikprotools

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