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KwikPro KitchenPower


KwikPro can also work in the kitchen! KwikPro handles can power many kitchen appliances and hand tools from whisks and beaters to choppers and mixers, even a potatoto peeler and an electric bread knife. KwikPro is the best thing since sliced bread!  

Adapt, convert, resurrect, repair and repower your old powered kitchen prep tools with KwikPro and a KwikParts kit. There's no need to throw something out if you can repower and resurrect it with KwikPro.

With the performance of a corded kitchen tool one cordless KwikPro motor handle can quickly and easily swap from one kitchen implement to another to power and repower different kitchen tools and machines.

KwikPro - quick kitchen tool power 



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KwikPro is on Twitter and Facebook @kwikprotools

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