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KwiBelt Black-Red  - w Shorts - 25-06-2020.png
KP-BR End Drilling Masonry - 17-11-2021.jpg
KP-BR Screwdriving Masonry - 17-11-2021.jpg
KP Black-Red - Repower Powerfile 2 M - 13-07-2020.jpg


KwikPro Construction


KwikPro motor handles can power tool attachments to form a range of highly capable power tools ideal for use in construction, including: drills, drivers, grinder, saws and multitool. You can also adapt and power many other tools with KwikParts kits and KwikPro handles including winches and hoists.



KwikPro is the ideal tool for construction offering instant accessibility to the tools you need for working on masonry, wood and metal. And with KwikBelt it's easy to carry the KwikPro power tools you need for a multitude of jobs including when working at heights.


Construct it with KwikPro - The possibilities are endless

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