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KwikPro for Makers and Creators


Design your own things to use with KwikPro motor power. Adapt your own stuff with KwikPro KwikParts adaptor kits or use purpose designed KwikPro tool attachments or a combination. Hack either to create and motorise your own tools, machines and things.

Make, adapt, power, modify, convert, resurrect, repair and repower all kinds of creations with KwikPro and KwikParts kits. KwikPro handles give you the power for your creations. Make it and power it with KwikPro. Build your dreams and power them with KwikPro.

Choose the KwikPro motor handle with the power you need for your project. If you need more power you can get really creative with KwikPro Pro+ motor handles by fitting and controlling multiple KwikPro Pro+ handles from one KwikPro Pro+ handle.  

Create it - Make it - Power it - with KwikPro 



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KwikPro is on Twitter and Facebook @kwikprotools

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