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Impact of possible pavement parking ban on tradesmen - a short discussion

Updated: May 16, 2018

Has the UK government considered how electricians, plumbers, installers and other tradesmen will be affected by a nationwide pavement parking ban? London has had a pavement ban for years but now its been reported that the government is considering extending it nationwide.

Currently, tradesmen park their vans as close as possible to where they need to work so they can have easy access to everything they need for the job. Carrying multiple heavy power tools, parts and other equipment they need over short distances is all part of the job.

However, when its not possible to park near the jobsite tradesmen have to make a choice: do they they unload what they think they'll need in the way of power tools and parts etc; in which case they risk forgetting some things and waste time having to walk to the van which may be parked some distance away or; do they spend lots of time unloading almost everything from the van and carrying it to the jobsite to be sure they've got what they need before parking away from the jobsite?

Either way, tradesmen could be forced to waste much more valuable time and energy carrying, unloading and loading power tools and equipment from their vans, than they currently do. Carrying power tools can be time-consuming and waring enough as it is but it's likely to get a whole lot worse if a pavement parking ban comes into force nationwide.

Perhaps someone should consider inventing an easy to carry power tools solution all in one case....someone has: KwikPro is launching on Kickstarter soon for crowdfunding.

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