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Professional-grade cordless power tools versus DIY-grade

What's the difference? Often professional and DIY power tools can look very similar, even down to the appearance of the plastic mouldings used for their housings. But look inside and you're likely to find some significant differences.

Often the type and quality of the motors, batteries, chucks, bearings and other fittings will be different. For example, DIY power drills are likely to have brushed motors with small capacity batteries, slow chargers, small capacity chucks, and low quality bearings. Professional power drills may well have brushless motors, larger capacity batteries, faster chargers, larger capacity chucks and high quality bearings.

So which should you buy? It depends on what you want the power tools for. If you are likely to use them frequently or for heavy duty work then buy professional-grade power tools such as KwikPro Gold. If you only need to use your power tools occasionally for lighter duties then, if you cannot justify the extra cost of professional-grade power tools, consider buying DIY-grade power tools. Less expensive KwikPro Silver power tools are medium duty and ideal for DIY as well as heavier tasks.

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