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Pros and cons of universal batteries for power tools – short version

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

A universal battery system might seem like a good idea for power tools but as well as pros there are cons.

The pros:

If all cordless tools could use the same standard batteries it could potentially make life easier for users. There would not be any need to hunt around for the right battery to fit a drill, say, and another to fit a jigsaw, for example. And charging would require only one charger for all power tools.

The cons:

This all sounds like a great idea doesn’t it, but there is a drawback: The trouble with universal standardisation is that it tends to interfere with optimisation and innovation. Apple, for example, tends to go its own innovative way with the connectors for its phones and its own software systems arguing that they produce better products than their competitors as a result.

KwikPro is a motor handle and range of tool heads in one easy to carry case

With KwikPro we think we have a better solution. Instead of trying to provide batteries to fit all power tools, KwikPro provides the motor handle and the batteries to fit a range of tool heads to make up a potentially limitless range of different power tools and combination sets, which are much lighter weight to carry and much more versatile to use.

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