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The feeling of precision in power tools - Short version

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The feeling of precision in a good power tool is important. It is not a lot of use having a handheld power drill where the drill chuck flops around on loose bearings if you want to drill some accurate holes. Mind, you’d be surprised how many drills do have floppy chuck bearings, even some from the big brands!

Many compromises are made in the design of power tools. For example, some very high precision handheld power tools have handles that include flexible mounts to absorb vibrations from the drill head and prevent them transferring to the user’s hand.

Precision KwikPro Slide-on-DriveTM system

We worked hard on the design of the KwikPro motor handle to tool head connection system to ensure a good precise location of the tool head on the motor handle. The carefully profiled shape of the Slide-on-DriveTM sliding foot and shoe arrangement and the design of the locking mechanism all act to ensure an extremely solid connection. These, combined with high quality materials throughout the construction of the KwikPro system, ensure excellent accuracy for precise control.

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