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Power tool weights and measures!

How important is the weight and size of a cordless power tool?

If a power tool is too heavy it will be difficult to lift and use, especially one-handed. However, to achieve good performance and run-times often the larger the battery the better. Generally the most useful cordless professional power tools use 18V batteries which offer a good range of performance, capacities, sizes and weights.

The length of a power tool, such as a drill or impact driver, can vary considerably. If you are working in confined spaces this can greatly affect whether you can drill or drive awkward to access holes or screws or other fixings. Most power drills and impact drivers have the motor at the top of the power tool on the end nearest the operator. On KwikPro the motor is in the handle which allows the drill head to be much shorter and makes it much easier to access confined spaces. And if you need to get to really difficult to get to places the KwikPro Gold drill heads can also be fitted end-on as well as pistol grip style.

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