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What do you do when you haven't brought the right power tool with you?

If you work in the trades you probably know most of this tale but perhaps not the happy ending:

You get to a job but the jobsite is a distance away from where you can park your vehicle. You decide what kit you need to unload and take with you. You probably have to do a number of sizeable and time-consuming journeys on foot to make sure you've grabbed everything you think you'll need for the job.

You set to work and part way through you find you don't have the right power tool with you for a particular aspect of the job. What do you do? Stop work and waste time trudging back to your vehicle in the hope that you have the right power tool on board? Something that isn't guaranteed! Or do you try to bodge it with the wrong power tools and some hand tools? Either way the situation is not ideal.

If only you could have a power tool system that covers almost all bases. You'd never get caught short on a job again, so to speak! You'd save so much time and hassle. And time is money, as they say!

KwikPro will save you time!. With KwikPro there's no need to decide in advance which power tools to take to a job. Just grab KwikPro and when you reach the worksite you'll have a range of the most useful professional-grade power tools ready to get the job done fast, all in one easy to carry case or bag.

Told you there'd be a happy ending!

KwikPro is soon to raise crowdfunding on Kickstarter and with your support KwikPro will save you time.

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