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Save with KwikPro


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Save Money 

Power a whole range of different tool attachments with just one KwikPro motor handle. You only need to have one powerful brushless motor - inside a KwikPro motor handle - and to slide it onto a range of KwikPro tool attachments to have a whole set of high performance power tools.

One KwikPro motor handle can also power many different things eliminating the need to buy lots of different motors.

You can power a whole range of different repowering and reusing other products with KwikPro motor handles and adaptors. You don't always need to buy new when countless tools, appliances and machines can be repowered and reused by adapting and sliding on KwikPro motor handles.


Save Time

Save time by working faster with KwikPro.

A set of KwikPro tools can provide you with the tools you need for most jobs and will fit in just one easy to carry case so you can save time by having the power tools you need easily to hand when and where you need them.

Alternatively buckle up KwikBelt and load up with the KwikPro motor handles, tool attachments and batteries you need for a job and carry them quickly and easily to where you want to work, including jobs at heights.

Convert slow-working hand tools to KwikPro power. Many manual tools normally operated by cranking, squeezing or pulling handles can be adapted, including kitchen and garden tools, even car jacks and winches.


 Save Resources

KwikPro saves on resources which can help the environment.

Why do we need individual built-in motors and control systems for each of our power tools?

The simple answer is, we don't !

KwikPro can power a whole range of tool attachments to form high performance power tools which work just as well with only one motor and the unique Slide-On-DriveTM connection system. 

Powering, repowering and reusing products with KwikPro motor handles is also much more sustainable than constantly buying new throw-away products and saves on resources and manufacturing which in turn can reduce our impact on the environment..


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