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£10 KwikPro Cash-back Voucher

Terms and Conditions

Bag a bargain! Buy this voucher and save!

We've got a limited number of these KwikPro cashback vouchers available at almost give-away prices. Buy one for just 50p and claim £10 cashback! Terms and conditions apply.


Pre-order one of the new super-versatile KwikPro power tool sets from our forthcoming Kickstarter, launching later this month, and use this voucher to claim £10 cash-back after our campaign successfully ends. Cash-back claimable after campaign on Kickstarter ends. One voucher per pre-order. The earlier you pre-order KwikPro on Kickstarter, the bigger the saving you'll make. 


See more details of KwikPro at 



Voucher terms and conditions:

1. How to buy cash-back voucher:

1.1 Buy cash-back voucher only from our authorised agent: Alternative Vehicles Technology of TA3 6SQ, known on ebay as: fow001.

1.2 Pay with Paypal.

1.3 Make sure you provide your email address.


1.4 For this offer, only one genuine voucher bought from our authorised agent's ebay page will be accepted per pre-order.

2. How to use your cash-back voucher: 

2.1. Visit the KwikPro page on our forthcoming Kickstarter campaign when it launches later this month.

2.2 Pre-order your choice of KwikPro power tool set. Be sure to pre-order early to get the best price!

2.3 After you have pre-ordered your KwikPro power tool set, wait until the KwikPro Kickstarter campaign has ended.

2.4 Voucher is valid towards only one KwikPro set pre-ordered during the KwikPro Kickstarter campaign.

2.5 You can only claim your cash-back once and only after the KwikPro Kickstarter campaign ends successfully.

3. How to claim your cash back:

3.1 To claim your cash back, email us your voucher details via the same email address you used to buy the voucher, together with your name and address details, these must match the original purchase details.

3.2 We will send you your £10 cash-back to your paypal account. via the original email address you used to purchase the voucher.   

4. KwikPro Kickstarter campaign.

4.1 is a pre-orders crowdfunding platform which hosts campaigns by third parties such as KwikPro. 

4.2 Voucher cash-back value is conditional on KwikPro Kickstarter campaign being successful. 

4.3 If the KwikPro Kickstarter campaign is not successful we will refund you only the cost of the voucher after the KwikPro Kickstarter campaign has ended, via Paypal to the original email address you used to purchase the voucher.   


​5. If for any reason you are not able to comply with our terms and conditions, we will not be able to offer any alternative options.


6. When you purchase the voucher you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions in their entirety. 


7. These terms and conditions are correct to the best of our knowledge, E&OE, but may be subject to change at any time and without notice.​​

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