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KwikPro MotorPower





KwikPro  MotorPower  is a range of quick-fitting cordless motor handles, tool heads and adaptor kits which can power and repower tools and other products




MotorPower Handles

KwikPro MotorPower handles have long-lasting, powerful brushless motors, removable lithium batteries, variable speed controls, motor brakes and unique quick-connect drive systems. 

Power new things l Repower old things l Power things you make

Save money, time and resources with KwikPro MotorPower 



Tool Heads

KwikPro tool heads quickly slide onto MotorPower handles to form a range of highly capable power tools, including: drills, drivers, angle grinder, saws and a multitool.


Have KwikPro power tools conveniently to hand where they're needed. Buckle-up, load-up and easily carry KwikPro MotorDrive handles and a selection of KwikPro tool heads hands-free on KwikBelt.

Adaptor kits include selections of bearings, mounts, gears, gearboxes and board materials to convert tools, implements and other products to KwikPro MotorPower.  

Adaptor Kits

Unique Innovation

KwikPro MotorPower handles use a unique, patented quick-connect drive system to swap quickly and easily from one product to another.

Endless Possibilities

Just a few KwikPro MotorPower handles can power or repower all kinds of new and old things from tools to appliances, to new engineering prototypes and products.

KP Black-Red - Old Powerfile 2 - 30-06-2

Repower and Reuse

Save money, time and resources with KwikPro MotorPower. Repower and bring new life to existing, tired, worn out or obsolete tools and other products.


Save Money

Save money by repowering and reusing products with KwikPro MotorPower handles and adaptors. There's no need to buy new when countless tools, appliances and machines can be repowered and reused.

Save Time

Save time by converting hand tools to KwikPro MotorPower. Many manual tools normally operated by cranking, squeezing or pulling handles can be adapted, including kitchen and garden tools, even car jacks and winches.

Save Resources

Powering, repowering and reusing products with KwikPro motor handles can help to reduce the continued plundering of resources and the impact on the environment involved in the making and short-term use of throw-away products.

Adapt and Power

Adapt and power your own things with KwikPro MotorPower handles and KwikPro adaptor kits, KwikPro tool heads or a combination. Modify either to create and motorise your own powered tools and machines. 

Adapt and Repower

Save money and give failed motorised products a new lease of life. Fit KwikPro adaptors and slide on KwikPro MotorPower handles to repower and reuse them.


How to Resource

KwikPro MotorPower can help everyone. Examples of products that have been converted and descriptions of how will be  displayed on the KwikPro How to resource and showcase. Help others by submitting details of how you use your KwikPro MotorPower and adaptors to convert and power or repower your things.

KwikPro l Power l Repower l Reuse l The list of possibilities is endless

Power it with KwikPro  MotorPower :



Grinder in action


KwikPro MotorDrive handles can power tool heads to form a range of highly capable power tools ideal for use in construction, including: drills, drivers, grinder, saws and multitool. Also adapt and power many other tools including winches and hoists.




KwikPro MotorDrive handles, tool heads and adaptors are ideal for automotive emergencies, maintenance and repairs, including forming : wrenches, drills, grinder, saws, a multitool and converting hoists and even jacks to MotorPower. 


KwikPro MotorPower products can provide the ideal building blocks for engineering prototypes with a range of motor handles and development adaptor kits to suit a whole host of applications. KwikPro MotorPower can also offer a cost-effective handheld motor and power solution for low volume production; perfect for enabling projects, that otherwise could not be justified on cost grounds, to reach the market place.


The KwikPro MotorDrive system is ideal for installers who can easily carry MotorPower handles and a selection of KwikPro tool heads hands-free on a KwikBelt. It's easy to have KwikPro power tools conveniently to hand when and where they're are needed.


KwikPro MotorPower handles, together with KwikPro drill, driver, jigsaw and reciprocating saw tool heads, are ideal for general woodworking, including for  boring holes, driving screws, and for fine and fast sheet and timber cutting.


KwikPro MotorPower is perfect for DIY. A MotorPower handle and a set of KwikPro tool heads are easy to keep handy for all your DIY maintenance and repair work. And you can use KwikPro adaptor kits to power and repower other DIY tools. 

KP Black-Red - Hedge Trimmer 1A - 01-07-


Convert garden hand tools to KwikPro MotorPower with KwikPro adaptor kits and get your gardening chores done faster and more easily. One MotorPower handle can quickly and easily swap from one implement to another to power and repower different garden tools: from sequeters to hedge trimmers and more.


In the Kitchen

KwikPro also works in the kitchen! MotorPower handles can power many kitchen appliances and hand tools from  whisks and beaters to choppers and mixers, even an electric knife to slice bread, so it really is the best thing since sliced bread!     



Design your own things to use with KwikPro Motor Power. Adapt your own stuff with KwikPro adaptor kits or use purpose designed KwikPro tool heads or a combination. Hack either to create and motorise your own tools and machines. 


KwikPro MotorPower and adaptor kits are great for teaching pupils about mechanical engineering and for giving  students hands-on experience of what can be done with  engineering mechanics. KwikPro gives budding engineers the chance to try different things out and to explore what works and why.


KwikPro MotorDrive brings safety and convenience. Eliminate the trip hazards and avoid the inconvenience associated with power cables. Convert corded motoriised products and tools with KwikPro adaptors to operate with safe, convenient, easily portable, cordless KwikPro MotorPower .

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Developing and tooling-up to produce KwikPro MotorPower is a very expensive process. You can contribute to helping KwikPro MotorPower to power and repower the things people need by donating HERE to help make KwikPro MotorPower a production reality that everyone can buy and use.

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