The world's most versatile power tool system

A Great British Invention!


10 power tools in one easy-to-transport case*

Say goodbye to carrying loads of heavy and cumbersome regular power tools to job-sites. KwikPro replaces all the most useful power tools in just one easy-to-transport case. Save time and energy, just grab KwikPro!   

*Gold Diamond and Gold - Silver is 5 in one case.


The right power tools for the job

Now there's no need to try to decide in advance which power tools to take to a job, only to find that you haven't brought one that you need. With KwikPro, it's easy to take them all in just one easy-to-transport case. KwikPro can be all these professional-grade power tools:


KwikPro is a motor handle and full range of tool heads

KwikPro is a cordless power tool system with a high performance 18 volt brushless motor handle which connects to a range of interchangeable tool heads at one end, and a battery at the other. 


SlideDriveTM technology

With exclusive, patented SlideDriveTM technology a whole range of interchangeable KwikPro tool heads can slide and swap onto the KwikPro motor handle. 

How KwikPro SlideDriveTM works

Each KwikPro tool head slides precisely and securely onto the ultra-tough motor handle and automatically locks on. 

Drive automatically engages and KwikPro becomes a complete regular power tool. 

When you need KwikPro to be a different power tool just press to disengage drive and release the tool head, then simply slide and swap-on a different tool head!

18 volts for high performance

KwikPro systems include interchangeable 18 volt lithium batteries to provide the high power and performance of regular professional-grade power tools.

Two-way fitting

Super-versatile hammer and rotary drills feature unique two-way fitting heads, two gears and twist-lock chucks. 

When you need to drill awkward to reach holes in tight spaces just swap the heads round from pistol-grip to end-on and keep on drilling!


Choose your KwikPro

There are three highly cost-effective KwikPro sets. 

You'll get more for less with KwikPro, compared to similar professional-grade regular power tools. 

KwikPro Gold Diamond Set

Equivalent to 10 power tools in 1 easy-to-transport case plus remote control!

  • With exclusive remote control capability, the KwikPro Gold Diamond set is the ultimate versatile power tool system and is ideal for frequent and heavier duty tasks and trade work.

  • The remote control system makes it possible to work on the most difficult to get to jobs. 

  • With this set you get two high performance brushless remote control motor handles so you can have two power tools on the go and ready for action, including remotely, whenever you need them.

  • The set includes all the KwikPro parts below:

KwikPro Gold Set

Equivalent to 10 power tools in 1 easy-to-transport case

  • The KwikPro Gold set is perfect for frequent and heavier duty tasks and trade work. 

  • With this set you get two high performance brushless motor handles so you can have two power tools on the go and ready for action whenever you need them.

  • The set includes all the KwikPro parts below:

KwikPro Silver Set

Equivalent to 5 power tools in 1 easy-to-transport case!

  • The KwikPro Silver set is great for medium duty more occasional tasks and DIY. 

  • With this set you get one brushless motor handle and two smaller capacity batteries.

  • The set includes all the KwikPro parts below:



Unique KwikBelt is engineered so you can carry KwikPro hands-free, safely!

Just buckle-up and gear-up by sliding KwikPro onto the special mounts which can be hinged to suit the different KwikPro tools you need to carry. 

Then easily unclip and slide Kwikpro off as you need at the worksite. 

Extending handle and wheels

KwikPro Gold Diamond and Gold power tool sets are also easy to transport on wheels with the optional extending handle and wheels attachment.


Compare KwikPro sets

Easy to carry


Get jobs done faster

KwikPro is for all power tool users: tradesmen, installers, maintenance, construction work, automotive, emergency work, DIY, and much more.

Why KwikPro is on Kickstarter

We need a lot of funding to bring KwikPro to production. 

Pre-order funds from backers will go towards the very expensive tooling required for the manufacturing processes, the parts which have to be bought in volume quantities to make KwikPro affordable, and the certification testing that has to be undertaken.


Unique Kickstarter prices

KwikPro is a high-end, high quality power tool system which has been designed to work hard.

To be useful KwikPro can never be a cheaply made product.

If we sell KwikPro in shops it will compete with the big brands at big brand prices but will offer much more.  

KwikPro needs support to move forward to production manufacture, so Power Tool Systems will be offering KwikPro at very special Kickstarter introductory prices.

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