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New easy to carry hands-free KwikPro will make power tool work easier and safer

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

A new range of power tools with a unique dedicated tool belt for safe hands-free carrying is soon to launch for crowdfunding. The KwikPro system includes a number of innovative features which aim to revolutionise power tools by making them easier and safer to use, carry and transport. Power Tool Systems is launching KwikPro on later this November 2021 as part of a global crowdfunding campaign.

KwikPro power tools are uniquely versatile 18-volt cordless systems for both professionals and DIYers. A set of KwikPro tools is light, easy to use, and extremely portable. And for safe working on ladders, the unique KwikBeltTM tool belt can be worn to carry KwikPro hands-free. KwikPro and KwikBeltTM offer faster working with convenient access to a full range of easy to carry and transport power tools. 

“Shifting loads of power tools in lots of separate cases to different job-sites wastes time, energy and money, and can also increase the danger of accidents and injuries. KwikPro sets are practical one-case solutions which make it easy for power tool users to speed-up the time it takes to get the tools they need to and from job-sites, and with KwikBeltTM they have the option to carry them safely hands-free,” says Robert Fowler, founder of Power Tool Systems.

Fowler has put thousands of hours into pioneering the KwikPro system’s exclusive weight-saving Slide-on-Drive™ technology. KwikPro features high-performance 18-volt motor-handles powered by lithium batteries and a selection of interchangeable tool attachments. The motor handles, tool attachments and batteries slide together to create a full range of both professional and DIY grade power tools, including: rotary and impact drills, impact screwdrivers and wrenches, an angle grinder, jig and reciprocating saws and an oscillating multi tool.

KwikPro backers have the opportunity to be in at the start of much-needed innovation in the power tool industry. Three versions of the KwikPro handle will be offered: KwikPro Lite for occasional and light DIY duties, Pro for continuous and professional duties and Pro+, the Pro with remote control.

Fowler has enjoyed a successful and diverse career in engineering working on leading edge technologies from hovercraft to electric vehicles. He developed his own design of electric cars and has converted conventional cars to EVs, way ahead of governments and car manufacturers who, at the time, did not believe that electric cars could be viable or commercially successful.

Fowler is using his engineering expertise and vision to spot the potential for a market to attract crowdfunding for his new pioneering power tools. He consults on “all things EV” and has extensive experience of battery powered engineering, knowledge that he has put to good use during the development of the KwikPro system.

Power Tool Systems plans to offer KwikPro sets for pre-order on late November 2021

Prices will be competitive with conventional professional and DIY power tools from established brands.

Visit for more details.

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